About Dave Reyno

There are very few photographers who are equally at home shooting a commercial still life subject as photographing people while making them feel relaxed. Dave Reyno is one of those rare exceptions. Over the last two decades Dave has built a reputation as both a quality commercial and portrait/wedding photographer making him a sought after image maker.


Dave Reyno’s award winning career began in 1991 where upon graduation from Toronto’s Humber College he returned to the Atlantic provinces spending 11 years working for the top commercial studio’s in both Halifax NS and Moncton NB. In 2002 Dave struck out on his own in Moncton and founded Reyno Photography offering a unique vision in the world of portrait photography. Between 2002-2005 Dave quickly grew a reputation as a quality portrait and wedding photographer.

To allow for growth Dave relocated to Toronto, Ontario from 2005-2008 where he worked as an associate freelancer and staff photographer for some of Canada’s top wedding and portrait studios. Dave photographed weddings year round in a busy environment, dealing with a large cross section of the population and further developed the art of documentary wedding photography.


In 2008 Dave returned to his hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia where he offers quality photography in the Atlantic Region. Along with his quality wedding and commercial work Dave continues to grow as an artist with his work as a environmental landscape photographer. Since returning home Dave has been very busy with commercial and wedding/Portrait projects. His Passion is second to none! Dave will make your next project or event not only fun and relaxing but the creativity of the images will keep you coming back!